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FEA Outsourcing

The essence of FEA outsourcing service is that the Customs representative takes over the organization and management of the main business processes that are an integral part of the purchase procedure (in the case of imports) or sales (in the case of exports), customs clearance and delivery of goods to the customer's warehouse. At the same time, the customer does not waste time and resources on finding out the subtleties of foreign economic activity, but he is engaged in his favorite business, while all the work related to the purchase of a foreign product, its import to the territory of the Russian Federation and delivery to the warehouse of the customer is performed by a professional company in this area. Employees of the "Radius" company know all the pitfalls of customs clearance, the fineness of customs and tax legislation, so if you contact us, you can be sure that your shipment will be safe and sound in a short time, along the optimal route and without extra cost.

By rendering the service for FEA outsourcing, we undertake the following obligations:

  • Providing a legal entity, the buyer (seller) of the contract.
  • Enter into a contract with a seller. The sight in the contract bank, the opening of the transaction passport.
  • Making payments on the contract, tracking obligations to currency control, compliance with the terms of payment / delivery under the terms of the contract.
  • Solving all issues with licensing documentation, checking shipping documentation. At the same time communication with the supplier is conducted either by us or by the customer himself - at the discretion of the customer. 
  • Documents preparation for the customs clearance of cargo, selection of HS codes, filing  and issuing a customs declaration. Calculation of customs payments.
  • Development of the optimal logistics solution for cargo delivery, forwarding.
  • Contractual relationships with third parties to perform all the tasks for the delivery, storage, forwarding, handling, loading and unloading, etc.
  • Caring for the cargo safety (insurance, selection of a trusted carrier, survey services if necessary).
  • Documentation of the transaction for the sale of goods to the customer company.

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